Front loading commercial glasswashers with removable rack and wash chamber door to allow for easy cleaning and simple service access.

Classeq's compact, front loading glasswashers are available in three sizes (350mm, 400mm and 500mm baskets) holding up to 25 pint-sized glasses per rack.

With a digital LED display, intuitive colour coded lighting and universally recognised symbols, this machine is incredibly easy to use, plus features performance enhancing customisations through its advanced settings modes.

In addition, clever software constantly monitors wash cycles, temperatures, chemical usage and any operational errors, giving valuable data which is used to improve operational efficiencies.

  • 1

    chemical pumps

  • 2

    Energy saving
    standby mode

  • 3

    basket guides

  • 4

    Noise reducing
    skinned door

  • 5

    Dual wash filter

  • 6

    interlock -
    Guarantees hot

  • 7

    drain down

User Friendly

Simple two-button control for improved user experience.

Colour Coded Display

Amber flashing - Machine heating

Blue - Machine in cycle

Green - Machine Ready

Advanced Customer Features

Adjust rinse aid and detergent settings and priming of chemical pumps.

Operational Data monitoring

Classeq Standard Glasswashers constantly measure all wash cycles, heating and errors, providing useful data for improving efficiencies.

Optional Drain Pump

All Standard Glasswashers come with a gravity drain for when the machine is above the waste outlet. They can also be upgraded to include a drain pump - Essential for when the drainage is either higher than the machines waste outlet, or has to be pumped to a stand pipe.

To upgrade to a drain pump, quote codes: G350P, G400P & G500P.

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Dimensions G350 G400 G500
Width 410mm 450mm 550mm
Height 644(min), 674(max)mm 760(min), 790(max)mm 830(min), 870(max)mm
Depth 517mm 517mm 605mm
Height - Door Open 272mm 338mm 375mm
Depth - Door Open 810mm 865mm 987mm
Clear entry height 273mm 311mm 343mm
Hydraulic specifications
Water supply connection G3/4” (3/4” BSP) G3/4” (3/4” BSP) G3/4” (3/4” BSP)
Minimum allowed supply water pressure 2.0 bar 2.0 bar 2.0 bar
Required water flow rate 11 L/min 11 L/min 11 L/min
Minimum incoming water temperature 4°C 4°C 4°C
Maximum incoming water temperature 55°C 55°C 55°C
Gravity drain height (from machine base) 40 mm 40 mm 40 mm
Pumped drain height (from machine base) 420 mm 540 mm 600 mm
Drain size Ø40 mm Ø40 mm Ø40 mm
Electrical specifications
Standard Configuration
Amps Required 13A (1 phase) 13A (1 phase) 30A (1 phase)
Standard Operating Voltage 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz
Total Connected Load 2.85kW 2.85kW 6.58kW
Optional 3 Phase Configuration
Amps Required - 13A (3 phase) 13A (3 phase)
Operating Voltage - 380-415V / 3N~ / 50Hz 380-415V / 3N~ / 50Hz
Total Connected Load - 6.58kW 6.58kW
Optional 1 Phase Configuration
Amps Required - 30A (1 phase) 12A (1 phase)
Operating Voltage - 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz
Total Connected Load - 6.58kW 2.58kW
Theoretical max racks/hour 30 30 40
Glasses per rack 12 16 25
Wash tank element 2.00kW 2.00kW 2.00kW
Rinse tank element 2.60kW 2.60kW 6.00kW
Wash tank capacity 5.75 litres 9.77 litres 14.33 litres
Rinse tank capacity 6.5 litres 6.5 litres 7.5 litres
Rinse water consumption at 3 bar 3.00 L/cycle 3.00 L/cycle 3.00 L/cycle
Wash tank temperature 55°C 55°C 55°C
Rinse tank temperature 70°C 82°C 82°C
Wash pump power 0.25 kW 0.25 kW 0.58 kW
Noise level < 70dB < 70dB < 70dB
Empty weight 32kg 32kg 44kg
Fully loaded weight 43.5kg 43.5kg 64.5kg
Packed weight 43.2kg 43.2kg 57.6kg
Please Note: G350P, G400P & G500P Specifications as above.
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